Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 2 weigh-in

Weight- 169 (-3)
neck- 13 (-1)
R arm- 12.5
Waist- 33 (-3)
Hips- 40 (-1)
R thigh- 23 (-1)
R calf- 15 (-.5)
Total inches= 136.5 (-6.5) only an inch off this week & no weight

Testing done with Omron Fat Monitor
33% body fat (lost 1.5%) lost .5 this week
29 BMI ( down .4)

All in all a pretty crappy week.


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on being down 3 inches around your waist!

I'm jealous of your fat monitor! I want to get one.

Good job on being diligent every single day and posting. You will reach your goals. Just don't stop!

Peg said...

Thanks for the comment, I was actually feeling pretty depressed I hadn't lost more : / especially losing no weight this week. I'm gonna get serious about exercise next week and see if that makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering how things were coming? I've actually had better results not exercising since I tend to over eat afterwards and end up making NO progress.

Peg said...

Well- this week hasn't been the best- I haven't been taking pictures, but I have been trying to somewhat follow the diet. I haven't been feeling well. I thought I had the flu or strep but I went to the dr yesterday and he said I just have a virus and to rest. So I haven't been exercising. I'm a daily weigher so I've noticed I've held steady. that's a good thing since I've had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner a couple nights since that was the easiest thing to make. One thing I've noticed in the 2 weeks I gave up simple carbs- I've had horrible acne! my skin looks terrible- wonder if it's a side effect? anyhow- I hope it clears up, I've been trying to drink more water in hopes of clearing it out.