Sunday, January 16, 2011

4 hour body

Even though I'm not starting today- I decided to take some measurements and start tracking since I did start P90 Master yesterday. I have started P90X 3 separate times in the last 3 years (never getting farther than 32 days). I finally came to the conclusion that I modify WAY too much and should just suck it up and do an 8 week cycle of P90 master since I am way out of shape and very overweight right now. I did take some before pics but just don't have the courage to post them. On to the measurements-

Weight- 172
neck- 14
R arm- 12.5
Waist- 36
Hips- 41
R thigh- 24
R calf- 15.5
Total inches= 143

Testing done with Omron Fat Monitor
34.5% body fat (OBESE!)
29.4 BMI

Exercise- P90 Sweat 5-6

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I'm sure the 4hb is going help you achieve exactly what you want. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!