Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what happened?!

Well looking at this blog, um, I fell off the wagon ;) as it always happens. But today is new day. I'm trying out my new b-day present the last couple days and all I can say is- I'm a geek. I like seeing charts. lets see if this properly motivates me for awhile. Don't worry- I'll be back on the P90X bandwagon again~ I just need to lose some weight first since that program is not designed for that... but I do have to ask myself... am I a runner? really? me? I'd like to be!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

P90X day 12

Technically this is supposed to be day 13, what happened you ask? Well. I felt like CRAP yesterday, had the weirdest things happen the night before last, vertigo, spinning room, and when I thought that wasn't bad enough, my whole right side went numb. I mean like stroke scary numb. I went to sleep hoping it would pass (I know, denial) and in the morning I started feeling bad- really bad. So off to the dr I tote myself, only to have him call an ambulance (obnoxious) and lay in the ER for hm 6 hours or sumpin like that. So the their thoughts?? migraine. strange, I would vote for a pinched nerve in my neck/right shoulder where all the pain originally started- but hey- I didn't go to medical school. The CAT scan was clean so thats good news. All I know is whatever they put in the IV made me super duper tired and I spent the majority of the time in there sleeping. Probably an expensive nap. and today? We persavire and move on. Leg's and back it is, although I skipped the ab ripper today, thought doing the hour was punishment enough while still feeling somewhat fragile. so tomorrow instead of taking a rest day it's kempo and then we're back on track again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

P90X Day 11

I thought I should start posting daily my P90X journey in hopes that I don't give up. I"m on day 11 and feel pretty good so far.

Day 11
Soreness upon waking- 1

Today was supposed to a Yoga day but honestly I don't think I can bring myself to do it. for one thing, 90 min of ANY workout straight is too much of a time commitment. And another~ I don't feel like I'm getting enough cardio. I don't want to stray too much from the program....

Ended up replacing with cardioX. Damn I'm sweating and I feel good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Olive Garden is not my friend. I *love* the breadsticks but I eat way too many and now I have a tummy ache.

30 min wii fit

Friday, May 1, 2009

poor neglected blog

So... as I've been consumed with all the little things, this great big thing stares me in the face- my weight... quite depressing. Its a problem when NOTHING in your closet fits you. whatchagonnado. Well... Wanda is my motivator lately and I've kept on track all week, which in itself isn't unusual since about 2 weeks is about how long I can stay motivated. So I'll check back and let you know how that's going... so on a 'before' note, I went the gap to try out the long and lean jeans that Donna Downey (my idol!) raves about. Her before and afters are awe inspiring and quite motivating! hence my new vigor on this journey! So the outcome? Size 10 and they fit very nicely... honestly, I have no intention of dropping $60 on jeans until I can fit into my closetful of size 6's & 4's... but I guess the point of the trip was to assess how far I'm gonna need to get. But my biggest thought of the day is this-

It's not the destination that's important (although I'll be very satisfied when I fit in my 6's) it's the trip there that I need to appreciate. My focus this week is being present. as in HERE. NOW. in this moment. I realize that this is very difficult for me for some reason, and I hate that it is. Everyone in my life deserves my undivided attention. so my motto. BE PRESENT.

and I'll try not to neglect this poor little blog.

so stat time:

weight 169 (eeek!)
25 min stairstepper @ level 6 random interval (I was sweating and this is a good workout)
60 min swimming
30 min treadmill (2.5 miles, that sux for time btw)