Friday, May 1, 2009

poor neglected blog

So... as I've been consumed with all the little things, this great big thing stares me in the face- my weight... quite depressing. Its a problem when NOTHING in your closet fits you. whatchagonnado. Well... Wanda is my motivator lately and I've kept on track all week, which in itself isn't unusual since about 2 weeks is about how long I can stay motivated. So I'll check back and let you know how that's going... so on a 'before' note, I went the gap to try out the long and lean jeans that Donna Downey (my idol!) raves about. Her before and afters are awe inspiring and quite motivating! hence my new vigor on this journey! So the outcome? Size 10 and they fit very nicely... honestly, I have no intention of dropping $60 on jeans until I can fit into my closetful of size 6's & 4's... but I guess the point of the trip was to assess how far I'm gonna need to get. But my biggest thought of the day is this-

It's not the destination that's important (although I'll be very satisfied when I fit in my 6's) it's the trip there that I need to appreciate. My focus this week is being present. as in HERE. NOW. in this moment. I realize that this is very difficult for me for some reason, and I hate that it is. Everyone in my life deserves my undivided attention. so my motto. BE PRESENT.

and I'll try not to neglect this poor little blog.

so stat time:

weight 169 (eeek!)
25 min stairstepper @ level 6 random interval (I was sweating and this is a good workout)
60 min swimming
30 min treadmill (2.5 miles, that sux for time btw)

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