Saturday, May 23, 2009

P90X day 12

Technically this is supposed to be day 13, what happened you ask? Well. I felt like CRAP yesterday, had the weirdest things happen the night before last, vertigo, spinning room, and when I thought that wasn't bad enough, my whole right side went numb. I mean like stroke scary numb. I went to sleep hoping it would pass (I know, denial) and in the morning I started feeling bad- really bad. So off to the dr I tote myself, only to have him call an ambulance (obnoxious) and lay in the ER for hm 6 hours or sumpin like that. So the their thoughts?? migraine. strange, I would vote for a pinched nerve in my neck/right shoulder where all the pain originally started- but hey- I didn't go to medical school. The CAT scan was clean so thats good news. All I know is whatever they put in the IV made me super duper tired and I spent the majority of the time in there sleeping. Probably an expensive nap. and today? We persavire and move on. Leg's and back it is, although I skipped the ab ripper today, thought doing the hour was punishment enough while still feeling somewhat fragile. so tomorrow instead of taking a rest day it's kempo and then we're back on track again.

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