Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Its been awhile!

Wow- just looked at the this blog and realized i havent posted since Feb! So... 6 months... Where does the time go. I can happily report I've lost 11 pounds since Feb ( but its actually more since I gained weight in between). In June we went to Arizona for 2 weeks and I was 172, I didnt gain or lose while on vacation which was frustrating since I was doing my best to eat right. When I came back I had many appts with an endo and was informed I have PCOS and insulin resistance. They put me on Metformin and Im feeling more like my old self everyday. So! 15 pounds in 2 months! Not bad! I've been walking/ jogging 4-6 miles a day and have only missed one day in the last 2 months. My energy is good, no terrible cravings and my mood has mostly stablized(pMS is still a sketchy time). So maybe this weekend I'll do a measurement check-in here and see how I'm doing measurement wise.