Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 4 dinner and EOD

Went to Chipotle for dinner and ran into a couple people so forgot to take a pic. I had the salad bowl, chicken, pinto beans, pico, corn salsa and gauc. Was SO good! I ate half and brought the other half home. I'm proud of myself for not eating out more this week since previously I ate out at least one meal every day.

Water: 4 liters (barely, I finished the last liter a little after midnight)

Thoughts: Tomorrow is my cheat day since I'm taking my daughter and grandma to a tea house in the afternoon. I think this is a diet I can maintain for awhile since I'm not hungry on it. I need to eat more vegetables but have been doing pretty good considering previously I ate none. I also plan on exercising more next week, I've been pretty lame in that department this week.

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