Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 3 stats

I'm late getting this on the blog- but it was taken Sat 2/5/11

Weight- 168 (-4)
neck- 13 (-1)
R arm- 12.5 (-.5)
Waist- 32 (-4)
Hips- 40 (-1)
R thigh- 22 (-2)
R calf- 15 (-.5)
Total inches= 134.5 (-8.5)

Testing done with Omron Fat Monitor
33% body fat (lost 1.5%)
28.9 BMI ( down .5)

I've decided I'm not going to be negative about this... Rome wasn't built in a day and this fat didn't get on my body in a day either. I'm still eating somewhat clean, but have been negligent in taking and posting pics. Mostly because I hadn't entered my stats and I didn't want it to get all out of order. I am happy I've maintained under 170 for almost 10 days- I never trust a day or two because of water weight and whatnot. So hopefully I've left that behind and I can focus on getting to 150 and beyond. I have a personal trainer now and I've been diligent about doing free weights. He assures me this will produce results- time will tell. My mood has been pretty good the last couple days, another plus.

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